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Any expatriate or traveler knows that connecting with locals in a foreign country unleashes the opportunities for meaningful life or deeper cultural exchanges.

Having had to acclimate ourselves in the United States and other foreign countries, we are keenly aware of the value of the ability to bridge the gap between our native Japanese culture and Western sensibilities.

We believe the prime showcase for our capabilities is, the largest Japanese website about the Northwest, which demonstrates the ability to organize information as well as the breadth of our services from website design and management to events with local businesses and organizations. We take pride in knowing the Northwest in and out and deeply appreciate the opportunities to connect with people through our work who inspire us.

Founder: Takumi Ohno

Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, Takumi studied in high school in Australia and came to Seattle for college. In May 1998, after a stint as a market analyst in the bicycle industry, Takumi established, hoping it would evolve into a consummate resource. She personally enjoys shopping at farmers markets, dining out at my favorite restaurants, having a good cup of coffee, and exploring Seattle with her family.


  • Mamapicks: Takumi writes columns on this parenting website produced in Japan.
  • TRANSIT: Takumi talked about Seattle and its coffee culture.
  • JFN: World Flowers Network Takumi talked about Seattle and Seattle Mariners on March 12, 2012.
  • Japan America Society: Japan Young Professionals Group Takumi spoke in June of 2009 about finding your passion in work and life.
  • Forks Forum: Chris Cook, the editor of Forks Forum, mentioned and its feature article on Twilight. Mr. Cook published a book in June of 2009 titled “Twilight Territory – A Fan’s Guide to Forks & La Push.”
  • Puget Sound Business Journal – Foreign ‘Twilight’ fans alighting on Forks: Takumi was interviewed regarding the feature article on “Twilight” launched on in April 2009. She was not quoted correctly in this article. Takumi said the Japanese have become particularly interested in stories involving “unconditional love” in the past several years, and “Twilight” plays right into that.
  • CHMB AM1320: A popular Japanese radio show in Vancouver, BC, introduced as the Japanese website to read up-to-date information about Seattle.
  • KUOW: Takumi Ono on Sound Focus In this “Sound Focus” segment, Takumi shares a story about her life-changing experience in 2004. Listen to the piece here.
  • The Seattle Times: Interface – “Resource Japanese speakers can turn to.” Takumi Ono was interviewed by Charles Bermant of the Seattle Times about
  • The Seattle Times: My First Job Takumi Ono’s submission to “My First Job” was printed in the Seattle Times.
  • The Seattle Times: Taste of Town – “Turning Japanese? They really think so.” A popular food writer, Nancy Leson, interviewed Takumi about and
  • Seattle P-I: Revisiting ramen, an Asian staple but an American afterthought: Takumi tastes instant ramen with a popular food writer, Hsiao-Ching Chow.
  • PIA MOOK: Seattle Style Book Takumi Ono introduces shops and cafes in Pioneer Square in Seattle KIRO Radio 710 Takumi Ono talks about how much has grown after Ichiro put Seattle on the map for Japanese tourists. Fukuoka RKB Radio Takumi Ono appeared on a show regularly to provide updates from Seattle about various tourist attractions.
  • J-Wave 81.3FM Nippon Hoso: World Street Takumi shares her experiences of living in Seattle as a foreign student.
  • Northwest Airlines In-Flight Magazine: World Traveler Takumi introduces her five favorite shops at Pike Place Market.
  • Ikaros: Hataraku Ryugaku Internship (Internship and Study Abroad): has been introduced in this magazine as the most reliable Japanese resource for the Pacific Northwest.
  • Futabasha: Ano Kuni De Kore Ga Yaritai (I Want to Do This in that Country): Takumi was introduced as someone doing what she wanted to do in a foreign country.
  • Can-z: DAIJOB International: was introduced.
  • Comments and Reviews: Takumi’s comments about various topics ranging from the Seattle Mariners to what to do in Seattle and some reviews on have appeared in articles in various media, including the following.

Sankei Newspaper, Puget Sound Business Journal, Yomiuri Newspaper, Q13 Sports News, Nihon Kogyo Newspaper, SPA!, Portland Oregonian,,

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