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Overview of 2013

  • Visits: 1,573,854
  • Pageviews: 3,899,062
  • Returning Visitor: 47.8%

Visitors by Country


Visitors by City

1. Seattle, WA202,00812.84%
2. Minato-ku, Tokyo113,3917.20%
3. Osaka, JP109,8446.98%
4. Shibuya-ku, Tokyo72,8564.63%
5. Bellevue, WA66,7914.24%
6. Yokohama, JP40,8672.60%
7. Nagoya, JP40,1772.55%
8. Redmond, WA38,8212.47%
9. Setagaya-ku, Tokyo29,3941.87%
10. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo28,5731.82%


There are very few sites as unique as Junglecity. It is an award-winning Japanese site about, to the Japanese, a foreign place. This is an invaluable resource to the Japanese-speaking community both locally and abroad. The Japanese more than any other Asian population have difficulty with the English language, so having a comprehensive site in their native language is extremely helpful.

Contrary to popular belief, less than 20% of the Japanese people speak and understand English fluent enough to do research for their stay in English-speaking countries. Let’s say, that your native language is English, and you are traveling to Japan. You have a very basic knowledge of the Japanese language, but if you had a choice of researching in English, wouldn’t you choose that first? Especially when you have an opportunity to find every information you need by visiting just one website and also receive most updated information from local Japanese about places to eat, stay, and live.

You let the over 100,000 unique visitors per month know that your business is located in Seattle, and that you are worth their visit!

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